Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ed Madigan Fish & Wildlife Area

Last weekend (May 18-20, 2012) I spent in central Illinois. On Friday, I snuck out of the office at 2 and headed south to Edward Madigan Fish & Wildlife Area. The park is located just outside Lincoln, IL, and the IL DNR has sort of linked it with the Postville Courthouse and Mt. Pulaski Courthouse Historical Sites. I didn't get a chance to go look at the actual courthouses as I arrived at the park late on Friday afternoon. When I arrived at the end of the road into the park I was greeted with a surprised looking wild turkey. I then proceeded to walk in circles for a while, finally finding my way back to the trail head. I am still learning the videographer gig, so bear with me even though some of my shots are really bead in this one. Overall pack weight this hike was 25 pounds, which included a liter of water, about eight ounces of fuel, snacks, and 3 full meals. I forgot to take my long johns out of my pack, so those were really dead weight for this trip.

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