Sunday, June 24, 2012

Silver Springs State Park

I had to work late on Saturday, but I wanted to get out and try the new Granite Gear Crown VC60.  So I looked at the map and found the state park closest to my house, Silver Springs State Park.  The website said the trail was 4 miles, but the trailhead map says it is only 3 miles, so my distance calculations are off in the video.

When I started I didn't really study the sign too closely, so I took a wrong turn about ten minutes in and found myself walking under some high tension wires for about 1/2 mile before I could get back on the Fox Ridge Trail.  Then I misread the trail markers and chopped off about 1/3 of the 3 mile loop.  So I went around again, found the Silver Spring, then cut across the east end of Loon Lake to the southern leg, completed the western portion of the loop, and returned to the trailhead.  Total distance was about 5.5 miles walked in exactly 2.5 hours for a pace of 2.2 mph.

The new pack is very comfortable and I will do a more detailed analysis on its own page.  Also, I was playing around with the new StickPic, so this video is longer than the others, but so was the hike! 

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