Friday, November 30, 2012

Gear - Evolution of a NOOB's Pack

On this page I am going to track the development of my pack, my load weight, my packing technique, and the actual contents of my pack as I improve my packing and hiking skills.  So follow along as I become a seasoned backpacker.....

Originally Posted - 02/06/2012
I know I’m not doing anything that others haven’t done.  It seems just about everybody does a “What’s in my pack” video.  So, you ask, why do one now?  Well, I wanted to set a base line from which I expect to improve my technique and my equipment.  I want to start with a pack weight which is at the top end of what I would reasonably expect to carry for 2-3 day hike and then work down from there.  I want to do a sort of “before and after” report on my pack.  Over the months we’ll be able to look back and follow my progress from overloaded, overweight noob to svelte and stylish lightweight trekker!
JUNE 9, 2012 Well, it's been about half a year that I have been doing this project. I think now is a good time to re-visit the pack and see how the arrangemnt and pack weight are evolving. So here is the NOOB's Pack UPDATE. I hope you enjoy it!

June 24, 2012
This edition of a NOOB's pack development is combined with my review of the Granite Gear Crown VC 60.  Go check that page out to see my write up of the pack along with this same video.  I have now gotten down to just around 21 lbs and I expect I will keep dropping as I tweak various elements of the contents of the pack.  So, here is my current “What’s In My Pack’ video…enjoy!

October 20, 2012
I have been working hard to reduce my overall pack weight and have made great strides over this past 10 months or so.  I am now into the sub-20 lb domain!  This really helps me hike further and feel better.  I have bought several pieces of new and used equipment that have helped bring down my weight to 17 lbs as of today.  Of course, as winter approaches my pack weight will go up accordingly.  I am hoping to keep the pack weight down around 22 lbs with all my winter gear.  So, here is the latest edition in the Evolution of a NOOB's Pack.......

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