Friday, November 30, 2012

Gear - Sept., 2012 - Svea 123R Stove

eptember 2, 2012
I have been using a Svea 123 R stove for almost 35 years.  It is my most trusted and favorite piece of gear.  The stove is solid brass and is just about unbreakable.  It has only one moving part, the control valve screw which is contained within the control valve.  This stove is probably the most reliable small camp stove in the world.

When the stove was first sold in 1955, it was considered an ultra-light stove.   As I have been using and carrying it, it averages 1.5 pounds.  I carry the stove in a tin can with a removable lid.  With the stove, I carry a lighter, matches, a hypo syringe, and a funnel for filling.  When using a Svea or any other white gas stove you need a metal fuel bottle with a tight sealing top.  Of course, that adds weight as well.  But I have always felt that the weight was worth it as the stove has never failed once in all the years I have been using it.

The burn time for a full tank of fuel is well over 30 minutes for summer camping.  Actually, I don't recall ever burning through a complete tank of fuel at one time.  Usually I have gotten one dinner for four and one breakfast for four from a full tank.  For the most part, I have used this stove for 10-15 minutes at a stretch.  I suppose if I turned the flame down low it would burn for 45 minutes or more, but, like I said, I have never had occasion to actually keep the stove burning from full all the way to empty.

So here is my video review of the Svea 123R white gas camp stove.

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