Friday, November 30, 2012

Johns Mountain Trail -04/28/12

On the weekend of April 28, 2012, I got the chance to drive from Jacksonville FL to Chicago. I was hoping to make it a 3 day trip and stop at Linville Gorge, but some work issues prevented that. So I looked at the map and saw the Johns Mountain WMA near Calhoun, GA. There is a pretty 3.5 mile trail with some nice features. The location fit my trip perfectly and so, I arrived at the trailhead in the late afternoon of April 28, 2012.... A few notes: My pack weight was around 26 pounds with 2 liters of water, 12 ounces fuel total, and food. I’m still working on getting my weight down to the 20-22 pound range all in. Even though I left my fleece sweater in the car, I brought more clothes than I needed. But I am unfamiliar with weather in the mountains of that area. So better safe than sorry, right? Same idea with the BRIGHT orange shirt. I didn’t know if it was turkey season, so I wore the orange just in case. It was quite warm when I started, but the NOAA site indicated that temps were expected to go down into the 50's at night. I do not think it ever got much cooler than upper 60's. The HG 20* Incubator was just too much quilt for this hang! Now I have to start thinking about a lighter weight UQ.

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